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For answers to questions about navigating BAKA Core Training Centers enrollment site continue reading below:

Enrolling for a course:

 Choosing a course and date

  1. For a list of available courses, click on the “Enroll” tab or “Enroll for Courses” dropdown on the home page menu.
  2. Once you select a course, you’ll see price and times listed on top. Note any dialog boxes with special instructions when the course page is initially opened.
  3.  If there is a Calendar on the course page, the available dates will be highlighted.
    1. For one day courses, click once on the date of the course.
    2. Note: For multi-week courses (Administrator Certification Course & Medication Administration), there will be a date range dropdown to choose from instead of the calendar.
  4. Complete the following form fields
    1. Fill in the Student Name and Student Work Location fields.
    2. Check to agree to BAKA Core Training Centers FAQ & Terms and Conditions.
    3. Click on the “Book Now” button to add the course selection to your cart.


  1. After the course has been added to the cart, additional courses may be added to the order by repeating the enrollment steps above.
  2. If you have a coupon code, type it in at the bottom of the cart and click the button, “Apply Coupon”.
  3. To complete the order, click on the button “Proceed to Checkout” on the bottom of the page.


You may review your order and fill in your billing details in the checkout page. Payment is due no later than the 8th day after the date of class or students will not be uploaded to the UWGB Registry.


How our account levels work:

Accounts can be accessed from the My Accounts tab on the website’s menu.

Corporate Account

Facilities or corporations who manage employees wishing to enroll and pay for course fees at BAKA Core Training Centers, please select, “CLICK HERE TO CREATE A CORPORATE ACCOUNT.” Please provide a company name, a valid email address and create a password to get started. Enter the corporate billing address where invoices are to be sent for payment. There is an option to add additional addresses under MANAGE MY ADDRESSES.

NOTE: Once you are signed into your account and enrolling each student/course, there will be a form field on the course page for “student work location”. This is used to identify which facility each student is associated with for invoicing purposes.

Student Account

Individuals enrolling and paying course fees to BAKA Core Training Centers, please select, “CLICK HERE TO CREATE A STUDENT ACCOUNT.” Please provide your name, a valid email address and create a password to get started. Now you are ready to choose your courses! There is an option to store billing addresses under MANAGE MY ADDRESSES.

Managing Your Account

Click on My Account page. Enter your username and password. Once you have entered your account page, you will be able to:
• Edit account details.
• Change password(s).
• View order history.

For additional information not found on this page or for further assistance, please call  (920) 574-3833  or fill out our contact us form on the bottom of the Locations page.