First Aid & Choking


VIRTUAL COURSES: 9:00 am – 1:30 pm

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This training course is designed specifically for community-based residential facilities (CBRF). This training can be used as an opportunity to refresh skills or train new staff.

Course Description:
DHS 83.20(2)(c)  Within 90 days after starting employment, all employees shall successfully complete training in first aid and procedures to alleviate choking. This state-approved course for First Aid Basics with Choking for CBRF’s is taught according to American Red Cross Standards.

Course Overview:
• Recognizing an emergency and easing anxieties
• How and when to activate the EMS system
• What to do until help arrives
• Recognize and care for breathing emergencies, heart attack and cardiac arrest in adults
• Identify and respond effectively when a person is choking and unable to breathe
• Identify and control life threatening bleeding
• Identify the signs of shock and minimize its effect
• Identify and care for various soft tissue and musculo-skeletal injuries
• Identify and care for sudden illness
• Prevent the transmission of disease


– In order to be eligible for state registry, all participants must pass a State test.

– Payment must be received by BAKA before a certificate of completion will be issued.

– All terms and conditions of CCDET must be met for participants to be enrolled with the State.

Course Length:

4.5 training hours will be awarded upon completion of this class.